Q & A With Pro Photographer Carsten Krieger

Check out this short Q & A session we had with Carsten Krieger (pictured above) who owns and loves our Kiboko 30L.

Carsten Krieger is a pro photographer living and working in Ireland. He started out as a dedicated landscape and nature photographer but over the past few years he has also successfully been exploring documentary and architectural photography.

To date he has published and contributed to six books on Ireland’s landscape, nature and heritage and his images are regularly being commissioned for print and online media which makes him one of Ireland’s most published photographers. Carsten is also closely working with several of Ireland’s conservation organizations like the Irish Wildlife Trust and the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group and he is representing Ireland for the international Meet Your Neighbors project.

He is currently on assignment with the Tree Council of Ireland for another book, which will be out in 2013.

Q: What type of photography do you shoot?

A: Landscape, nature, wildlife, documentary

Q: What does your typical day entail?

A: Fortunately there is no typical day, at least not when shooting in the field. The only constant is getting up early and staying out late.

Q: What’s been your greatest professional accomplishment?

A: … I hope that’s yet to come!

Q: What is your website URL?

A: www.carstenkrieger.com; www.wildirelandphotography.com

Q: What’s your idea of the ‘perfect shot?’

A:  When everything – planning, travel, weather, light, composition – falls into place without having to handle major catastrophes and the outcome is an image I can be proud of.

Q: What type of gear is in your Gura bag?

A:  1-2 DSLR bodies, 4-6 lenses, filters and various other bits and pieces (cable release, grey card, cleaning tools, torch, chocolate bar, etc.) It’s all in the pictures.

 Q: How does Gura make shooting photos easier for you?

A: Gura bags are light, compact and without any fancy stuff which makes them easy to carry and the content quick and  easy accessible. That’s all I need!