Bataflae 26L Review by C. David Tobie

Take a second and read this wonderfully done review of our Bataflae 26L by C. David Tobie. Follow the link and check out the whole review. It’s well worth your time.

An Intimate Relationship
The relationship of a travel photographer and a camera case is serious, long-term, and quite intimate. No bag is for everyone, and it takes time to determine if a bag is right for you. Speed dating is not likely to produce a successful result. The goal of this article is to familiarize you with the features and functions of the Bataflae packs, in relation to a particular type of photo gear, as a first step in determining if this might be The One.

What Gura Gear Packs Are Not
Gura Gear cases are dedicated camera bags. They are not computer cases, briefcases, wheelie suitcases, fashion accessories, or multi-purpose bags. They offer flexible configuration, but with a laser-like focus on the storage and access needs of photographers on the move. Gura Gear bags do not use canvas, leather, rigid substrates, wheels, feet, or extendable handles. They do not come in designer colors; unless your designer works in a low-chro palette of black, gray, tan and color-coded zipper pulls. They are not collapsable to flat-pack into other luggage.

There is a lot more over on his blog. Check it out here.