Kiboko Bag For Portrait and Wedding Photography

Daniel Valente recently posted a Kiboko bag review on his web site for his wedding and portrait photography business, and had glowing things to say about our bag. Daniel did a great job highlighting the things that we are most proud of, which is the high quality workmanship, the light weight, and just how much camera gear can fit inside of the bag. Here are some quick quotes from Daniel:

When I first picked the Gura Gear backpack out of the shipping box I was stunned just how light this thing is: 4 lbs. The Airstream (Think Tank’s smallest roller) is over 10 lbs – more than twice the weight of the Gura [Gear Kiboko].

The Gura Gear’s fabric on the flaps will never touch the ground.

 I am glad to say that the harness on the Kiboko is both very high quality, includes load-lifter straps and lumbar support.

I am happy to say that I am able to store the entire contents of BOTH bags into the Kiboko. That is incredible to me. By doing that I am saving nearly 10 lbs. Not having the roller or tarmac 608 means 10 lbs. less of stuff to carry around. Also having 1 bag means a free hand to carry my light stand and modify bag.