Steven Frischling 'Fish' Review Of The Kiboko Bag

Steven Frischling, aka ‘Fish’, has reviewed the Gura Gear Kiboko bag in his latest blog entry. Here are some notable quotes:

”..Picking the Kiboko up empty I could immediately feel the difference in weight between it, and my much loved, used, traveled and abused, Think Tank Airport Addicted (which has logged at least 300,000 flying miles with me on three continents). This bag is almost like lifting air.

”..The ability to secure the straps in the fashion designed for the Kiboko is great when placing a bag under the seat in front of you, in the overhead, or when tossing it on the baggage trolley walking through the airports.”

”..My interest was in having a lightweight bag to pack my cameras/lenses along side a full compact lighting kit that was self-contained. In my set up of the Kiboko bag, the left side contains two bodies, 7 lenses and a set of lens hoods; the right side contains two flashes, two light stands, four Pocket Wizards, a small soft box and other accessories.”

..”Having placed this bag on my back fully loaded I can safely say that the Kiboko backpack isergonomic, well thought out (even the asymetrical side carry handle is ergonomically designed to reduce carry-stress!), comfortable and extremely light! I loaded the same gear into my Think Tank Airport Addicted and the weight difference is obvious.”

Stephen also made a comment on one of the online forums that says it all :”As a heavy traveller, the Gura Gear Kiboko passed one of the hardest tests for me, I was able to stuff it under the seat of a US Airways Express Dash-8 Turbo Prop. Being able to physically push this bag under the seat of a small plane is fantastic!”

You can read Fish’s complete review here:

Gura Gear Kiboko Photo Backpack : A First Look At A Fantastic Bag

Please pay close attention to not only how much gear Fish is carrying in his Kiboko bag, but also what type of gear. Fish is using the bag as a lightweight bag for transporting camera gear and lighting gear, which includes two light stands and flashes.

In summary, he has written a review that illustrates the benefits of using the Kiboko bag for traveling commercial and sports photographers. The ability to carry cameras, lenses, flashes, light stands, a soft box, pocket wizards and accessories is a huge plus.