Steven Frischling 'Fish' Review Of The Kiboko Bag

Steven Frischling, aka ‘Fish’, has reviewed the Gura Gear Kiboko bag in his latest blog entry. Here are some notable quotes:

”..Picking the Kiboko up empty I could immediately feel the difference in weight between it, and my much loved, used, traveled and abused, Think Tank Airport Addicted (which has logged at least 300,000 flying miles with me on three continents). This bag is almost like lifting air.

”..The ability to secure the straps in the fashion designed for the Kiboko is great when placing a bag under the seat in front of you, in the overhead, or when tossing it on the baggage trolley walking through the airports.”

”..My interest was in having a lightweight bag to pack my cameras/lenses along side a full compact lighting kit that was self-contained. In my set up of the Kiboko bag, the left side contains two bodies, 7 lenses and a set of lens hoods; the right side contains two flashes, two light stands, four Pocket Wizards, a small soft box and other accessories.”

..”Having placed this bag on my back fully loaded I can safely say that the Kiboko backpack isergonomic, well thought out (even the asymetrical side carry handle is ergonomically designed to reduce carry-stress!), comfortable and extremely light! I loaded the same gear into my Think Tank Airport Addicted and the weight difference is obvious.”

Stephen also made a comment on one of the online forums that says it all :”As a heavy traveller, the Gura Gear Kiboko passed one of the hardest tests for me, I was able to stuff it under the seat of a US Airways Express Dash-8 Turbo Prop. Being able to physically push this bag under the seat of a small plane is fantastic!”

You can read Fish’s complete review here:

Gura Gear Kiboko Photo Backpack : A First Look At A Fantastic Bag

Please pay close attention to not only how much gear Fish is carrying in his Kiboko bag, but also what type of gear. Fish is using the bag as a lightweight bag for transporting camera gear and lighting gear, which includes two light stands and flashes.

In summary, he has written a review that illustrates the benefits of using the Kiboko bag for traveling commercial and sports photographers. The ability to carry cameras, lenses, flashes, light stands, a soft box, pocket wizards and accessories is a huge plus.

Gura Gear Kiboko Bag Announcement

Today we are announcing our very first product, KibokoKiboko (kee - bo - ko) is the ideal bag for the active, always on-the-go photographer that needs to transport photo gear. We use the best materials and latest technology. These materials cost up to six times more than materials found in other bags but we believe you and your gear deserve it. This enables us to provide you with the highest-quality bag that is lightweight, durable, comfortable, and fully-functional.

Lightweight. Kiboko is the only bag of its class that is only four pounds. Camera gear is heavy enough, your bag shouldn’t add to your load, but help you carry it more efficiently. Kiboko is made from high-tech Dimension Polyant VX-21 using sail cloth manufacturing processes, and their fabrics are commonly found on the fastest sail boats in the world. It’s strength to weight ratios are what make these types of fabrics the material of choice for America’s Cup race sails.

Durable. Our high-tech materials weigh one-third the weight of materials found in competing bags but still offer superb durability to keep your gear well-protected. The outer materials are abrasion- and tear-resistant while the specially designed lightweight padding can handle the rough impacts associated with the handling and transport of gear in to remote regions or urban landscapes.

Comfortable. Kiboko can be carried using our unique ergonomically-placed handles, on your shoulder, or as a backpack using our retractable highly-engineered harness system. Every detail has been thought of—down to our unique zipper design, which have zipper pulls that are easy-to-use even when using gloves in the winter.

Fully Functional. Kiboko features a unique butterfly flap access system which allows you to easily get to multiple bodies, lenses, and all your photo accessories. The bag’s interior is flexible and fully customizable to suit your individual needs. The harness systems fully retracts for loading in to airplanes or anywhere else the straps might get in the way. Because of our unique design and incorporation of high-tech materials, this bag can be used as a carry-on for domestic and international flights.

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Gura Gear Press Release


CHICAGO (November 4, 2008)—Inspired by his extensive travel and career in wildlife photography, outdoor photographer Andy Biggs has launched Gura Gear; an innovative line of camera bags designed to help photographers get the perfect shot. Gura Gear will offer on-the-go photographers a lightweight and comfortable yet highly functional alternative to bulky photo gear currently available to photographers.

The Kiboko bag is the first design from the Gura Gear line. Weighing in at only 4 pounds, the Kiboko is the lightest bag in its class. Designed with the needs of the photographer in mind, the bag allows all photo gear to be safely stored and comfortably carried but also quickly accessed. The Kiboko bag is deep enough to accommodate a pro level SLR camera body, as well as medium format cameras. The bag will also hold up to a 500mm and 600mm lens simultaneously. The Kiboko bag is made from high-tech Dimension Polyant VX-21, a unique and durable water-shedding material made from the same process that is used on some of the fastest lightweight sailboats in the world. The outer materials are abrasion and tear resistant and the interior is well padded, ensuring that the bag and your equipment will hold up regardless of the terrain you’re photographing.

The Kiboko bag can be carried either as a backpack with a retractable, expertly engineered harness system or as a shoulder bag using ergonomically placed handles. The Kiboko also features a convenient butterfly flap access system, allowing the photographer to easily get to multiple bodies, lenses and all their photo accessories. The bag’s interior is also fully customizable to suit the photographers’ individual needs. The Kiboko’s harness system fully retracts for loading into airplanes and can be used as a carry on for most flights. Every detail of the Kiboko bag has been specifically designed, down to the zippers that can be handled even while wearing winter gloves.

Gone are the days where you have to decide whether weight or functionality is more important when transporting your photo gear. Gura Gear is a smart, new way of transporting equipment, designed for photographers by photographers. The innovative design, materials and technology that goes into each Gura Gear bag far exceeds any comparable camera bag on the market. For more information about Gura Gear and the Kiboko bag please visit visit