Why is Chobe Called '19-24L'?

Why have such an odd number designation for Chobe? Quite simple really. Late last year we decided that all of our bags needed a consistent measurement in the name. We opted for interior useable volume.

The Chobe is two bags in one. A 19L daily workhorse and a 24L traveling phenom. It’s designed so that no matter the configuration, the bag can hold up to a 15” laptop in its own compartment, iPad or Kindle in its own compartment, pens, keys, business cards, documents, gum, coins, phone, water bottle, memory cards, chargers etc. In fact a quick look through my bag and it gets labeled a ‘man purse’ pretty quick.

Two of my favorite friends hanging out in the Salt Lake City airport. The Chobe on the left is in the 24L configuration and the Chobe on the right is in the 19L configuration.

The point is, there are two configurations:

  1. A 19L daily workhorse ready for the day-to-day business and a small camera. The external walls are lightly padded, so a camera can easily slide in and have minimual protection without the insert.
  2. A 24L traveling phenom with enough room for all of the above plus pro-size DSLRs with L-brackets, a variety of lenses, extra set of clothes and anything else that is needed. This larger size is also great when the other bags, like a Kiboko 30L, end up getting overloaded and the fine airline agents decide to throw some rules around. Simply slide some gear from one bag to another. No biggie.

So, Chobe is the 19-24L because it quite simply adapts from 19L to 24L with the flick of a zipper.The only challenge is deciding what not to take, because with the Chobe - you can always make more room.