Monarch Bataflae in Sochi

Feb 20, 2014

Chris has been shooting around the clock and sent us some of his photos from Sochi. 

Feb 3, 2014

The Monarch Bataflae is back out touring the world! This time we have Christopher Morris escorting it to the Olympics in Sochi. With only a few days until the games, here is the first update from Chris on his journey. 


Greetings from London, I’m on a 7 hour lay-over between flights to Moscow, and then on to Sochi.  I left Sunday night, and due to distance and time changes, I arrive in Sochi at noon on Tuesday.

I am writing this while I sit in London waiting for my connections to Moscow and then Sochi.  I left Vancouver yesterday, and will arrive in Sochi tomorrow, two days after I left.  I will be photographing the Sochi winter Olympic games for Corbis.  This is my third Olympic games for Corbis.  It really is a dream assignment, since I get to pick and choose which events I cover.  My assignment is to shoot a collection of great pictures.  It doesn’t get much better than that.  Starting with the opening ceremonies, probably the biggest event of the games, I will be shooting along side, and competing with the best sports photographers in the world.  The Olympics is the Olympics for photographers, as well as the athletes.  The only way to describe the Olympics, as a photographer, is the hardest you will ever work, 20 hour days for 17 days straight, with unlimited opportunities to make incredible pictures.  The Bataflae will be there every step of the way, as I haul gear up; ski race courses, biathlon courses, hockey arenas, ski jumps, half-pipes and all the other venues.


Keep checking back for more updates and photos from the games!