Tony Sweet Loves His Kiboko

Professional nature photographer & workshop leader Tony Sweet recently travelled to Iceland and brought his trusty Kiboko with him. With all this Iceland love recently, I think Gura Gear will need to make a company trip there soon! He was kind enough to share a few photos with us that his friendDon Rosenberger took. He also posted a bit about Kiboko on his Facebook page.

After struggling with flight weights, I decided to get the Andy Biggs camera bag, which came in 4 lbs less than the other backpacks that I had, allowing me to bring essential camera gear that put me over the limit in the other bags. I was immediately impressed with the weight, smart design, and durability. The two front panels open up to get access to the bag, which means that you never have to lay the open front on wet sand, mud, or any other messy environment. There is an included rain cover, which can also be used to place under the bag to keep it dry in “hostile” environments.
The Kiboko is the best photo backpack out there, and is my new bag of choice.
Highly recommended!

Make sure to check out Tony’s work here. Thanks Tony!