A Quick Kiboko Review

Local photographer Burke Strickland recently took his Kiboko on it’s first trip. He was nice enough to send us a little recap via email once he returned. Since he does not currently have a website, we are posting his email here on the blog.

As you can see, his trip is a perfect example of how much you can fit in to the Kiboko (including clothes and food!) while still being able to carry it on a small plane.

The Kiboko bag fit perfectly into the small overhead bin on a Continental Express Embraer RJ145 “regional jet”. Its bins are so small that most carry-on bags will not fit and so folks with standard-sized roll-about “carry-on” bags had to gate check theirs, but wearing my Kiboko, they waved me through without a hassle, and like I said, the bag fit perfectly in the overhead bin (with bag parallel to the aisle, not perpendicular), even with a folding umbrella strapped into the external tripod holder. The Kiboko bag plus a “personal item” (small bag to carry notebook computer) were all the luggage I needed for the trip, so no hassles with checked baggage.

Despite its svelte external size, the Kiboko is versatile and spacious enough inside to swallow all my travel camera gear —Nikon D3s with Nikon 28-300mm lens and Kirk L-bracket attached, BlackRapid RS-7 strap with Kirk Quick-Release clamp, Nikon 16-35mm lens with reversed lens hood, Nikon 50mm f1.4D lens with lens hood, Giotto “rocket” dust blower, Nikon SB-400 flash, off camera flash connection cord, extra EN-EL4a battery and charger (which is about three times larger than my point and shoot Panasonic, which I also had with me plus its spare battery and charger), extra memory cards, microfiber cloth and lens brush (and cleaning fluid in my one quart “wet bag”), GPS kit, remote release, Gorillapod Focus tripod, Markins M-10 ball head, B+W circular polarizing filter, Singh-Ray variable neutral density filter — plus toiletries, electric razor, and enough rolled-up clothing for the 4 day trip. The external pockets on the Kiboko also held several nutrition bars since Continental Express doesn’t serve meals anymore.

Thanks Burke!