Bataflae Around The World

Andy Biggs with "The Monarch Bataflae"

As the cool fall air breaks free of the summer heat, thousands of cocooned Monarch butterflies ready for their journey of roughly 3000 miles (4,828 km) begin to hatch. Monarch butterflies are said to have the most highly evolved migration pattern of any species of butterfly. Every year the Monarchs that are born in the fall set off from as far north as Canada on a long journey to Mexico. Monarchs are truly a butterfly built for traveling. 

Since its inception, Gura Gear has focused its efforts on photography backpacks for the traveling photographer. The original bag featured a butterfly style opening. After many phases of design, the bag has evolved into what is now the Bataflae. The 26 and 32 liter Bataflae bags still retain the same butterfly style opening capability.

This shouldn't be news to most of you. So what is the point? 

In honor of the obvious influence butterflies have had on our bags, we are sending one bag on a Monarch style adventure to as many corners of the globe as possible. A brand new grey 32L Bataflae which we have appropriately named "The Monarch Bataflae", has started its great journey in the deserts of Africa with professional African wildlife photographer, Andy Biggs (pictured above). You can follow his current travels with the bag on his Google+ page. After an exciting few weeks with Andy, the same bag will be sent to another photo professional (soon to be announced) to be used in another part of the world. After that a couple more photo pros will be taking the bag to other destinations each one signing the inside of the bag to track it's journey.

Then it's your turn!

We want your help to get the bag to as many places in the world as possible. (**Edit June 6 2013: Applications are now open! Click here to apply.) We will open up applications for anyone who wants to take the bag on a trip to wherever it is you go! You will also be able to sign your name inside the bag next to the pros you've always looked up to.

Keep watching this blog and our social channels to see when it's your turn to have a chance to take the bag. Also follow along as each photographer and destination will be highlighted with stories and images from their travels.