FAQ: Why Doesn't The Kiboko Bag Hold A Laptop Computer?

Q: Why doesn’t the Kiboko bag hold a laptop computer?

A: We have thought long and hard about this question, as well as our answer. We anticipate our Kiboko bag holding between 25 and 35, perhaps 40 pounds with camera equipment. A laptop computer can weigh between 3 and 8 pounds, plus a charger. To anticipate the additional weight on our bag, we would need to beef up the bag with more fabric and zippers, thus adding weight.

It is ironic that to be able to hold more weight we would need to add more base weight to the bag, thus negating much of the hard-won weight savings that are already present.

We also believe that carrying a laptop computer in a camera backpack exposes the computer to more potential damage, which concerns us. We do believe that a separate laptop bag is the best approach, as this will have better padding, better distribution of weight between the bags, and the Kiboko bag is much more comfortable to carry around. A dedicated laptop bag is considered a personal item when traveling on airplanes.

We are always looking into new ways to serve our customers, and we will continue to push the boundaries to increase the functionality of our products while staying true to our ‘lightweight and functional’ goal.