Pro Team Spotlight: Tony Sweet

Tony Sweet is a widely published photographer, workshop leader (Visual Artistry Workshop Series), and sought after speaker. His work has been featured in every medium worldwide. 

We asked Tony about why he got into photography, what he suggests for those just getting into it, and more!  

What type of photography do you prefer and why?

Although, I started out as a strict nature photography, I've morphed into a generalist: nature, flowers, studio macro, travel, old structures, HDR, abstract, altering image with textures, and iPhone photography. My current thinking is that there is only two kinds of photography: good and bad.

So, what do I prefer??? Good photography!

What tip(s) would you give someone just starting out in photography?

Keep a steady stream of income while starting out. Learn great compositional skills. Become adept in image editing software. Learn video and video editing. Don't give up.

Where is your favorite place to travel and to photograph?

Although we like everywhere we travel in our workshop series, if I were to name one location, it would be Iceland.

Who is a photographer you have looked to for inspiration?

The list is a mile long, but more practically, there are so many great images online, that a virtual stroll through 500px, Flickr, and other online sharing galleries is enough inspiration for anyone!

What made you decide to get into photography?

As a jazz musician, I was photographing in jazz clubs. Fast wide angle lenses, wide open, fast film. Then my future mentor showed me a nature slide, that blew me away. Sold the lenses I had, and moved to more nature specific lenses: 35-70mm, 70-200mm, 105mm macro for the next decade.

Upcoming workshops and book releases

An iPhone book is in the works, and another that I can't divulge.